The energy label has been a mainstay of appliances and products for more than 25 years. It's supported consumers and professional buyers in the searching and choosing of energy efficient products, and helped manufacturers and retailers develop more innovative and efficient products.

Due to increased demand for more environmentally friendly options, the energy that products use has reduced. This means that the current labelling scheme - ranging from A+++ to G - has become less effective. The use of multiple '+' signs reduces clarity and most modern products now occupy the top two or three classes. This makes it more difficult for consumers to identify the most efficient products.

The label has therefore been revised and optimised. The new label, which will appear in high street and online shops from March 2021, will feature a new, simpler range: A to G.

Essential features of the new label

A range of improvements have been made to the new energy label:

  • All products will feature the new, consistent scale.
  • The highest class will be 'A'. 
  • A QR code on the energy label will allow consumers, professional buyers and retailers to access useful,  up to date and product information. 

Which products are affected?

The new energy label will be introduced gradually across a range of different products.

In 2021, new labels will appear in stores and online shops for:

  • domestic refrigerators and freezers*
  • wine storage refrigerators
  • washing machines
  • washer-dryers
  • dishwashers
  • televisions and electronic displays
  • light sources

Light sources will transition to the new label from September 2021. 

*A completely new label is being created for commercial refrigerators and freezers, but this will only be relevant for the professional retail sector. 

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