What are the essential new features of the new labelling scheme?

  • Label scale

    There will be one scale for all rescaled products from A to G. A+, A++ and A+++ will not be used anymore. The colour scale in the label will not be changed. It has become a central element to the energy label making it easily recognisable and useable.

  • QR-Code

    The label will be linked to further online-based information via a QR-code (upper right corner on the label). Consumers will be able to learn more about the product by scanning the code with a smartphone.

  • Pictograms

    Most of icons showing product features from the old label will stay the same in the new version. However some pictograms were slightly adapted and a few will be newly introduced (e.g. the spinning efficiency class of a washing machine, energy efficiency in HDR-mode for TVs and displays).

  • Energy consumption

    The energy consumption of the products is shown in a more prominent way in the middle section of the label. Consumption is presented either as kWh per year, kWh per 1000 hours or kWh per 100 cycles, depending on the product group.